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For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by human nature, and wondered about what makes people behave the way they do. My life has not always turned out the way I thought it would, and through the various losses and disappointments I have experienced, I have been drawn inward to find insight into these challenges. It is this spirit of curiosity and inquiry that I seek to bring to others. My doctoral work was focused on how we experience spirituality though our bodies and movement, and spirituality continues to be an integral part of my life, both with clients and in day to day living. I have had a mindfulness practice for over 30 years, and have explored and studied many paths along the way.


I have maintained a part time private counselling practice working with adults since 1989. I had a long career in the public education system, for 20 years as a counsellor, and before that as a teacher and a teacher educator. My most current passion is the work of Dr. Peter Levine, who developed Somatic Experiencing® (SE), a body-oriented therapy designed to address traumatic stress. I completed the professional SE training in 2004, and since then I have assisted at over 30 SE training modules in Canada, the US, and Hong Kong. I have also been offering workshops and retreats in Dance/Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy for over 25 years.

My private practice is now open to all ages.

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Driven as a migrating falcon, I can be blown off course yet if I turn back it feels wrong. Navigating by chart and chance and passion I will know the shape of the mountains of freedom, I will know.
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