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As we move into the 21st century, many people feel anxious and disconnected from themselves, other people and the wider community. In the light of the global environment crisis, natural disasters and wars, it is hard not to feel overwhelmed and numb by the challenges facing the Earth Community. There is a new story emerging that invites us to renew our vision of what is possible for our world, and each of us individually. The new story includes the latest scientific discoveries about the ever expanding universe and its infinite capacity to create. It also includes the integration of the wisdom teachings re-emerging from the mystical traditions of the world’s religions, indigenous peoples, and the ancient Goddess cultures. This is being called the time of “The Great Turning,” and we are called to engage in it with courage, inspiration and creativity.

This workshop is for people who:

This weekend workshop combines experiential learning with information and discussion about cosmology and our place in the universe. It is inspired by the work of cosmologist, Brian Swimme, and Buddhist scholar and activist, Joanna Macy, with whom Catherine studied during her doctoral work. Through guided meditation, movement, writing and art, participants will be invited to explore, embody, and express their participation in the universe story. The Authentic Movement form, and processes derived from Process-Oriented Psychology will provide the overall container. No previous movement experience is necessary.

This workshop is offered at The Haven Institute on Gabriola Island. Please go to to find out about the schedule. It can also be offered in your home community. Please contact me if you are interested in bringing this workshop to your community. I




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...our lives are simultaneously our own ordinary lives and the central creativity of the evolving universe. The challenge is in identifying our deepest personal reality with the powers of the universe.
Brian Swimme