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Frequently Asked Questions

What does body-oriented therapy mean?
Body-oriented therapy focuses on helping you bring your bodily felt experience of life more fully into your awareness. Beliefs, ideas, and insights are an integral part of the process, and explored together with the wisdom the body can offer.

Is there a way I can get to know you before I decide to proceed with on going counseling?
I offer a free telephone consultation to all prospective clients, so that you can ask any questions you might have, and to confirm that I am an appropriate counsellor for you.

How long is each session?
Each session is usually an hour long. Sometimes we decide together to book an hour and a half.

How much does each session cost?
My usual fee, following the fee rate of the BCACC, is $110 an hour. I offer a small sliding to students, or those on disability or unemployed. Some insurance providers and Employee Assistance Programs will cover all or part of my counseling fee. Claims can sometimes be made through your doctor or lawyer to have counseling covered by ICBC. I am registered with the Crime Victim’s Assistance Program. Please check with your insurance provider to see if my services can be covered.

How many sessions will I need?
This will depend on what your goals are. I usually recommend that clients commit to 3-4 sessions to see if we are a good match, and that you feel some encouragement in your desire for positive change. Clients usually benefit most by having sessions either once a week or every other week. Some clients make sufficient improvement in 5 or 6 sessions, and others choose to continue in therapy for several years, having made a commitment to their on going personal growth. We will negotiate together whatever schedule works best for your goals, budget, and time.

What does the process look like?
I usually begin by inviting you to tell me why you have decided to seek my help, and how you would like your life to change through the counselling process. I will want to get to know you, but will encourage you to take your time in choosing how and when you share various aspects of your life with me. Our initial goal is to establish a feeling of safety and care, so that you feel comfortable with me, and the direction of our conversations. I invite you to read the descriptions of the various approaches I use to get an idea of how we might proceed.





Somatic Experiencing®

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Dance/Movement Therapy & Authentic Movement

Emotionally Focussed
Couples Therapy

Dancing the Body's Wisdom

Spirit Body - Soul Dance (Workshop)

The Cosmic Dance

The Work That Reconnects (Workshop)


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The human brain, wrinkled slug, knows like a computer, like a violinist, like a bloodhound, like a frog. We remember backwards a little and sometimes forwards, but mostly we think in ebbing circles a rock makes on water.
Marge Piercy