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Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-oriented therapy developed by Dr. Peter Levine, author of the best-selling book “Waking The Tiger”. SE is based on some of the exciting discoveries of the latest brain science, and the understanding that we all have an innate capacity to resolve traumatic experiences.

In this work we use a broad definition of trauma, to include minor difficulties such as falls, dental or medical procedures, as well as more serious issues such as violence, abuse, sudden loss, serious accidents and illness, war, and natural disasters. If our instinctive impulses of fight, flight, or freeze, do not have the opportunity to be fully completed and integrated, the accumulated stress of holding these energies in our nervous system can result in diminished emotional and physical health. This way of working has proven to be effective in helping to ease the suffering of dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, illness, chronic pain, stress and burn out.

Given that the challenges of life often call us to confront questions of meaning and purpose, SE can also be helpful with spiritual issues. When given appropriate support, the natural language of the body has an amazing capacity to renegotiate threat. Most SE therapy begins with the invitation to pay attention to what enables you to feel more settled and connected, both to yourself and to others. Gradually the problematic material is introduced in a safe and regulated manner, that invites enhanced feelings of balance, and a grounded sense of self.

For students in the SE training, I am approved for personal and case consultations at all levels, and am happy to do sessions by phone or Skype.

I have also completed Kathy Kain’s Touch Training For Psychotherapists.




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