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SpiritBody - SoulDance

- exploring spirituality through movement

In most ancient and indigenous cultures, movement is an integral part of worship and the ritual celebrations of community life. Many of us from western culture have lost touch with the power of our moving bodies to enhance our connection to deeper sources of both individual and collective wisdom. In this workshop, creative movement, gesture, and sign, are seen as expressions of the wholeness of life, and the sharing of personal and community awareness.

This workshops is for people who:

Experiences will include individual meditation and prayer, small group work using movement with words, and whole group circle dances. Processes will be drawn from mindfulness practices, sensory awareness, and Authentic Movement. Discussions will consider how these experiences can be used in both traditional and alternative forms of worship and ritual.  No previous movement experience is necessary. Each participant is invited to bring a piece of writing – poetry, scripture, song, or any short passage that has personal and spiritual meaning. 

This workshop is offered at The Haven Institute on Gabriola Island. Please go to to find out about the schedule. It can also be offered in your home community. Please contact me if you are interested in bringing this workshop to your community. I




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The body is a sacred threshold; and it deserves to be respected, minded, and understood in its spiritual nature. The body is your only home in the universe. It is your house of belonging here in the world.
                                John O’Donahue